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The Jansen HS-20H110E is a log splitter with a special feature. This wood splitting machine can be operated both standing and lying. The machine can be comfortably erected or lowered using an additional hydraulic cylinder. The gap dimension is 110 cm and the gap pressure is 20 tons. The hydraulic pump is driven by a very robust and high-quality 2.2 kW electric motor, which is operated with 400Volt. Thanks to the revolutionary coordination of electric motor and pump output, this log splitter achieves at least the same output as comparable log splitters with a 5KW motor. At the same time, this means an enormous reduction in operating costs and thus high efficiency. It may sound incredible at first, but our extensive tests prove it.

In the course of our product improvements, this log splitter is constantly being optimized. So the current versions have some serious advantages over the predecessor ... for example, the operation is now directly on the cylinder, which significantly improves accessibility in standing mode. Furthermore, many flexible cables were replaced by fixed metal cables, which makes the device look much clearer and more professional. Finally, the wheels are now ball-bearing; this guarantees a much quieter run.

With our log splitters, the gap pressure is measured directly on the splitting ax, so that this information also corresponds to the actual gap pressure. For many other providers, unrealistic values ??are given here, which are never achieved in practice.

It is similar with the gap dimension specification; we give here the actual, real value of 110 cm, which a piece of wood max. may be long. In the case of many competitors, the gap length has to be subtracted, which is quite misleading. You should also pay attention to the cylinder piston stroke. In our model this is 100 cm, ie the riving knife runs almost completely through the wood; a successful splitting process is certain here! With most available splitters in this size, the cylinder piston stroke is only 50-60 cm, which means that the wedge only runs halfway through the wood and you then often run the risk of cutting the piece to be split with an ax or a Chainsaw must "free" from the splitter again.

This splitter is guaranteed to split every piece of wood and will not surrender to any trunk. It is also extremely easy to use.

You can easily transport the device using the existing drawbar and hitch. The device is not approved for road use, ie you must not move it behind a car on public roads. Alternatively, you can of course also drive the log splitter onto a trailer with ramps.

We deliver a splitting cross to the splitter with the mounted splitting wedge free of charge, which is simply pushed over the splitting wedge. A change between wedge and cross is done in seconds!

With the 30 cm long splitting wedge or splitting cross, you can also open thicker logs with larger diameters in one operation. With shorter riving knives, this often does not work and the log often has to be turned through 180 degrees, which is very difficult.

The hydraulic system is designed in such a way that the riving knife can be stopped in any position and moved forwards or backwards. The force is always there and the riving knife does not have to be moved back up to the starting position, as is the case with many competing products

Technical specifications:

  • 400 volt electric motor with 2.2 kW
  • Weight: approx. 340 kg without liquids
  • Max. Gap length: 110 cm
  • Cylinder speed for one pass
  • down: 12 sec
  • up: 11 sec
  • Gap pressure: 20 tons (measured value)
  • Splitting cross, length 30 cm (included)
  • Riving knife, length 30 cm (included)
  • Dimensions: 310x119x122 cm (LxWxH, max. Lying)
  • Dimensions: 310x119x270 cm (LxWxH, max. Standing)
  • Dimensions box: 213x53x82 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight including packaging: 372 kg
  • Hydraulic oil quantity: approx. 20 l (HLP46)