KUBOTA M7002 Series Tractors, 130/150/170HP

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  • The modern V6108 series engine offers even more efficient power thanks to an optimised power curve, while at the same time consuming less fuel.

  • With a 20/20/5 hp Power Boost, the M7002 has additional power reserves for maximum performance.

  • State-of-the-art engine technology ensures that the M7002 meets the Stage IV emissions standards with ease.

  • The V6108 engine is not only more efficient, it's also quieter, which makes for a more comfortable drive.

  • The M7002 is a particularly service-friendly agricultural tractor, even with a front loader attached.






  • The transmissions of the M7002 provide maximum efficiency in all operating conditions.

  • The 30F/15R 6 speed powershift transmission in the standard and Premium versions provide an application-specific gear graduation.

  • The 54F/27R transmission with creeper gear in the standard and Premium versions enables speeds from 0.25 to 50 km/h.

  • In automatic mode, the transmission shifts gears depending on the engine load.

  • The continuously variable KVT transmission of the Premium model ensures perfect driving speeds with the lowest fuel consumption.




  • The Kubota M7002 offers a massive lifting capacity of 9,400 kg at the rear – the highest in its class.

  • The hydraulics and lifting gear are optimally matched to the unique performance capacity of this high-performance tractor.

  • The Premium and KVT models feature a CCLS hydraulic pump with an exceptional output of 110 l/min. The CCLS system is also available as an option on the standard models.

  • With four PTO shaft speeds (540/540E/1000/1000E), you can operate a wide range of implements with optimum economy.

  • With the optional front linkage and 1000rpm front PTO, you can tailor the M7002 to suit a variety of applications.






  • The extremely spacious, quiet cab on the M7002 offers you an ideal command centre.

  • Thanks to great comfort and exemplary ergonomics, you can work in a concentrated and relaxed way, through even the longest days.

  • Improved insulation (category II) make the cabin even quieter.

  • The new premium seat ensures a relaxing, comfortable drive.

  • The cab suspension and the sprung front axle ensure both you and the tractor have a gentle ride.





  • Modern precision farming solutions ensure the efficient use of resources.

  • The advanced M7002 (Premium model) is 100% ISOBUS compatible.

  • As an all-in-one terminal, the tractor's K monitor combines a wide range of functions with intuitive operation.

  • Headland management automates the entire headland operating sequence.

  • In combination with a GNSS receiver, GEOCONTROL in the K monitors enables section control or variable rate applications





  • The M7002 and Kubota front loaders are ideally matched and complement each other perfectly.

  • The tailor-made combination provides smooth operation, first-class ease of use and maximum efficiency.

  • The front loader joystick ensures smooth and effortless work.

  • The Kubota KSR vibration damping helps to minimize the vibration load.

  • The front loader can be attached and detached in no time at all, without tools, using multi-couplers.