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The Jansen HS-20DS63E double splitter is specially manufactured according to our specifications and is a small revolution among the wood splitters. Because this machine splits in both directions (both in the forward and in the return!) And you therefore work twice as fast with this splitter! There is no "empty" return and energy consumption is much more efficient! It has real 20 tons gap pressure in the forward flow (17 tons in the return flow) and a powerful 2.2 kW electric motor.

With our log splitters, the gap pressure is measured directly on the splitting ax, so that this information also corresponds to the actual gap pressure. For many other providers, unrealistic values ??are given here, which are never achieved in practice.

Due to its horizontal construction, the wood is always at working height. The hydraulics are very fast. A complete run-up takes only 7 seconds. The current color design is orange / hammer-gray; you may also find videos with the old design (red / black) on the Internet. This previous version is a bit slower in forward and reverse, but otherwise identical. You will of course only receive the latest version of the devices.

This splitter is guaranteed to split every piece of wood and will not surrender to any trunk. The length of the splitting piece can be up to 62 cm. The splitter is very easy to use. Thanks to the quiet electric motor, operation in dense residential areas etc. is also possible without any problems. The device can be easily pulled to the site using the drawbar and hitch. The device does not have road approval for operation behind a car. You can also transport the device on a conventional trailer due to the small overall width of 102 cm.

We deliver a splitting cross to the splitter with the mounted splitting wedge free of charge. This split cross can simply be pushed over the wedge. The riving knife is approx. 20 cm long and approx. 15 cm high.

We have been selling these devices for many years and they have proven themselves with hundreds of customers. This log splitter will not fail on almost any piece of wood; nor could any customer bring us a piece of wood that this log splitter could not split.

Technical specifications:

  • Electric motor 400 V, 2.2 kW, (16 A)
  • Weight: approx. 180 kg without liquids
  • Weight with packaging: approx. 210 kg
  • Max. Gap length: 62 cm
  • Cylinder speed for one way: approx. 7 seconds
  • Gap pressure: 20/17 tons (measured value)
  • Riving knife, length approx. 20 cm (included)
  • Dimensions: 133x80x59 cm (LxWxH)
  • Hydraulic oil quantity: approx. 10 l (HLP46)
  • Hydraulic pump: 2 stages
  • Hydraulic output: 38.6 l / minute
  • Hydraulic pressure: 240 bar
  • Tires: 10 inches
  • Dimensions: 228x102x100 cm (LxWxH)
  • Height of wooden support surface: 65 cm