JANSEN LOGSPLITTER 22 TONS TS-22B 10hp; Petrol engine

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JANSEN LOGSPLITTER 22 TONS TS-22B 10hp; Petrol engine

Here is the electrical version of the TS-logsplitter... the TS-22B. The log splitter is powered by a powerful 9 hp Briggs & Stratton engine (XR1450, 306cc). This is one of our newest models of log splitters. It is a very heavy-duty and robust design. The weight of the splitter alone is 316 kg!

This model has been manufactured according to the latest EU product safety norm EN 609:2017.

The enormous splitting force of 22 tons is obtained through an gasoline motor (9 hp, Briggs & Stratton, XR1450, 306cc)

The built-on log lifter is very practical, even heavy trunks can be lifted with ease. The log lifter can be locked in the upper position when it is not required, and serves in this position as a second guard rail.

The log splitter works at 2 speeds: A fast speed for moving to the wood and a slower speed for the splitting process. Using a basic spring mechanism, the device can be operated in 2 different modes.

1. The splitting wedge automatically returns up to the predetermined position (can be varied in increments using a lever) once the operating lever is released. This makes fast and effective working possible, as you don’t have to return the wedge manually to the top. For this mode of operation, the spring must be taken out.

2. The splitting wedge remains in position upon release of the operating lever and only returns to the top when the operating lever is pushed up. The spring must be inserted for this function.

The log splitter is equipped with pneumatic tyres. Additionally it comes with a drawbar and a transport wheel. Thanks to the transport wheel the log splitter can easily be moved by one single person. The cylinder can be lowered to a height of 1.90 meter in no time. It functions with 2 speed levels – a faster one to be used to approach the log and a slower one for the splitting process.

Included in the delivery is a cross wedge. Within the European Union it is not allowed to use this cross wedge with the log splitter. According to the latest EU norm EN 609:2017 it is generally prohibited to use cross wedges or multiple splitting wedges on log splitters.

Using the cross wedge is done on one´s own risk and responsibility.

The devices are all very stable and offer enormous power. You will not be able to find a piece of wood which this splitter cannot handle.

Technical specifications:

  • Drive: 9 hp, gasoline engine, Briggs & Stratton (XR1450, 306cc)
  • Splitting force: Max. 22 tons
  • Log lifter: included
  • 4-way splitting wedge: included
  • Limit of cylinder stroke: adjustable
  • Weight: approx. 316 kg
  • Max. log opening: 110 cm
  • Cylinder speed (forward/backward): max. 10 sec. / 17 sec.
  • Distance wedge to bottom: 16 cm
  • Diameter cylinder: 114 mm
  • Diameter piston rod: 63 mm
  • Splitting wedge, Length 23 cm (included in delivery)
  • Dimensions: 90x160x251 cm (LxWxH)
  • Measurements of packaging: 120x80x206 cm (LxWxH)
  • Amount of hydraulic oil: Approx. 24L (HLP46)

Please note that all Jansen equipment is sold subject to these conditions in addition to our standard T&C's.