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Here Jansen offer you one of our latest models in the field of log splitters. It is a very heavy and robust version. The splitter's own weight is 370 kg!

Manufactured and produced in accordance with the latest EU product safety standard EN 609: 2017.

The enormous splitting force of approx. 30 tons is generated by means of a tractor / tractor (drive via PTO, not included in the scope of delivery).

The attached log lifter is very practical, with which it is very easy to set up heavy logs. If the log lifter is not required, it can simply be snapped into the upper position and serves as a second protective bar.

Using a simple spring mechanism, the device can be operated in 2 different operating modes:

  1. The riving knife automatically moves back up to the preset position after releasing the operating lever (can be varied continuously using a lever). Very quick and effective work is possible here, since you do not have to manually raise the wedge again. The spring must be unhooked for this operating mode.

  2. The riving knife remains in any position after releasing the operating lever and only moves back by pushing up the operating lever. The spring must be hooked in for this function.
The log splitter stands on 2 wheels and also has a transport wheel. Thanks to this transport wheel, the log splitter can also be transported by hand. However, it is advisable to involve a second person. Alternatively, it can of course be hung in the 3-point of a tractor. The cylinder can be lowered to a height of 1.99 meters with little effort.

The log splitter works at 2 speeds: a faster one for starting on the wood and a slower one for the splitting process. In the slow speed one can assume a doubling of the time.

A splitting cross is included in the scope of delivery of the log splitter. Within the European Union, this splitting cross may not be used when using the log splitter, since the new EU standard EN 609: 2017 generally prohibits the use of multiple splitting wedges and splitting crosses for log splitters.

Any use of the split cross is at your own risk and at your responsibility.

The devices are very stable and have an enormous performance. You won't find any logs of wood that this splitter doesn't get small.

Technical specifications:
  • Drive: PTO (not included), max. 540 rpm.
  • Splitting force: max. 30 tons
  • Trunk lifter: included
  • Split cross: included (use at your own risk)
  • Length riving knife: 26 cm
  • Operating modes: 2
  • Cylinder stroke limitation: adjustable
  • Weight: 370 kg
  • Gap length: max. 110 cm
  • Distance from wedge to floor: approx. 16 cm (fully extended)
  • Maximum cylinder speed (forward / reverse): 5.5 seconds / 9.5 seconds
  • Outer cylinder diameter: 138 mm
  • Piston rod diameter: 70 mm
  • Split cross: included (use at your own risk)
  • Dimensions built up: max. 154x140x251 cm (LxWxH)
  • Dimensions built up: min. 154x99x251 cm (LxWxH)
  • Dimensions: 120x80x206 cm (LxWxH)
  • Hydraulic oil quantity: approx. 30 l (HLP46)

    Please note that all Jansen equipment is sold subject to these conditions in addition to our standard T&C's.